They’ve Seen It All Now!

By Staff
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7812 Evans St., Omaha, Nebraska 68134

This is a picture of what I consider to be an unusual way to rig
a pump jack.

For years I had thoughts of rigging a pump jack so the engine
would go up and down and still power the jack.

At a sale I found one I thought had the right arms and pulleys
to start the project.

I sat down and studied it, off and on, for some time, and came
up with a workable system. It consisted of moveable idlers, springs
and levers to hold a 5/8 HP Lauson engine
vertical, the belt tight and still turn the right directions. When
it was finished and running, the engine went up and down, but it
looked like it ought to be doing something useful.

I already had the pitcher pump fixed up for my grandson, so
after more thought I connected the pump jack and pitcher pump
together with a rod and lever. Now the old machine is actually
pumping water again.

Last season I took it to several engine shows and it definitely
draws lots of interest and comments. Several old timers would watch
awhile, then scratch their heads, laugh and say they had ‘seen
it all now!’

Just wanted to share my story with the readers.

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