They Look Like Twins!

By Staff
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4660 County Road 134, St. Cloud, Minnesota 56303

A couple of years ago I restored a Galloway Handy Andy. I really
enjoyed doing it. Except for being air-cooled, the Ideal is very

I purchased an Ideal at Nixon Auction in Spencer, Iowa, the fall
of 1998.

I restored the Ideal last winter and also built a cart for it.
Restoration was easy, just the normal dismantling, cleaning,
sandblasting, assembling, priming and painting.

I now have a Handy Andy and the Ideal restored. They look like
twins, the main difference being the method of cooling.

Some old timers in the engine hobby tell me it is believed that
Galloway made the castings for Ideal Power Lawn Mower Company of
Lansing, Michigan.

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