The Right Part At The Right Time

By Staff
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96 National Drive, Grafton, Ohio 44044

This is the story about Joe Gross and of how patience and a
little luck made a dream a reality.

My husband, Joe, had been searching for an Aermotor engine for
some time. As the engine season drew to a close, it seemed as if it
would be another year. The last show and the last hour that we were
to be there, we finally found one!

Now the search was on for the missing parts. The engine needed
an output gear and an arm if it was to be feasible to make it a
working walking beam engine. We acquired the gear first and beyond
our wildest dreams, we found an Aermotor pump! The gentleman we
bought it from sent it U.P.S. all the way from Missouri. The U.P.S.
man delivered it as is, broken down because of the weight limit. He
said he’s delivered some strange things, but never anything
like this!

As my husband started his restoration, he had discussed with a
friend that he would have to make an arm for the walking beam.
Well, we all went to an engine show and this friend saw the part my
husband needed. Joe approached the man and he sold it to him.

Now things were really looking up, but we still were not sure of
the true color of the Aermotor. As we read the article in the GEM
about the Aermotor, I contacted the author and he told me his
grandfather had had an Aermotor engine and it was black. This was
one week before my husband was to start painting! He also had
original literature which he was so kind to give to us. Well, the
engine barely made it to the last show of the season, having to
make one last gasket for the pump one hour before we left before
the show.

The engine ran very well that day and we look forward to showing
it for many seasons to come. I would like to thank all the
wonderful people who made this restoration project a success: John
Watson, Wicker Martin, Jerry Cole, Johann Jurik, William Schaub,
Max Homfeld, and Don Lord.

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