The Marshall Field Estate Power House

By Staff
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98 Elm Street Huntington, New York 11743

This estate, on Long Island’s north shore, was once owned by
the Marshall Field family of the famous department stores. The
English style estate was completely self-sufficient, and included a
dairy farm and its own power plant, built in 1934.

After getting permission from the Park Commission, I entered the
double arched doors to see the sleeping giants, all in very good
condition. The first engine is an Ingersoll Rand oil engine type
P.O., 100 HP, direct-coupled to an I. R. 10′ x 10′ air
compressor and belt driven water pump that supplied all the water
for the estate. Of the three Fairbanks Morse engine-generator sets,
the first has a single cylinder 50 HP engine direct-connected to an
FM 40 KVA alternator. The second has a two cylinder 100 HP engine
direct-connected to an FM 75 KVA alternator. The third used a 140
HP Fairbanks Morse 2-cylinder diesel model 32 D14, style DA,
direct-connected to a FM 112.5 KVA alternator. At the far end of
the power house is the air starting system, consisting of a 3 HP FM
Z engine belted to an air compressor with an electric motor and
compressor as an auxiliary system, pumping air to four 100 gallon
storage tanks. All electrical switching gear was manufactured by

The power house is in very good condition, having been recently
repainted inside. I am happy to share this information with GEM
readers. Even if the flywheels never turn again, the engines are
safe at Caumsett State Park. Special thanks are extended to Park
Superintendent Duke Rosenbauer for helping to make this visit

The above article was previously printed in the October 1990
issue of the Stationary Engine Society Newsletter, and is reprinted
here at the request of the author.

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