The Intruder

By Staff

15 East Perm Street Long Beach, New York 11561

Alas, the magic of video has brought the
putt-putt, phlitt-phlitt of the gas engine
sin to my living room. Funny, I can close my eyes and swear
 I am hiking the engine fields of  summer.
The smells however, are missing. I suppose that’s
The steadfast rhythm of the engine in the video
lulls me to sleep as easily as the real thing.
When I awake, I am well-rested and 
I am comforted.
How many things in life are as constant as a well-oiled
Well, I can think of one thing!
He is as predictable as his Atlantic Mud sucker.
He is as handsome and smooth as his 7hp Abenaque.
He is as comforting and dependable as his 12hp International, and
he is mine.
And I am not looking to swap, sell, or trade.
However, I am willing to exhibit him.
Just let me know where and when!

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