The Abenaque Story

By Staff
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The Abenaque in a fellow collector's yard, 'before.'
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The engine after complete restoration.

42 Whiteloaf Road, Southampton, Massachusetts 01073

I started to collect gas engines and go to engine shows in 1982
and had accumulated about 20 engines by 1985. I now have about 75

I had known about an old saw rig in a barn, in my town, about
four miles from my house, for about two years, but the owner
didn’t want to sell it. After I talked with the owner several
times, he finally agreed to sell me the engine, an 8 HP Abenaque on
trucks with the original saw rig. The deal was finalized and the
engine picked up in May of 1986.

I stored the engine in a barn next door to a good friend of mine
who is also an engine collector, but he wasn’t interested in it
for himself, because of the engine’s size and weight.

It was in running condition, but was missing the connecting rod
guard, cooling tanks, brackets and hardware and a few other small

The engine was completely disassembled and cleaned, the piston
built up and the cylinder rebored, the valves refaced, bearing
refitted, fuel pump rebuilt, cylinder head replaced because the
original was broken, and a new wrist pin was made. All worn or
broken parts were replaced or rebuilt, new cooling tanks, brackets,
and hardware were made from original pictures and patterns. A new
connecting rod guard was made; the wood in the saw frame was
replaced, as it needed to have a new draw bar, seat and foot rest
made. Engine trucks and saw rig were painted and assembled. A new
saw blade and belt was installed, and the cooling tanks lettered.
After about three years of part time working on the engine, it was
ready for the show.

The Abenaque is unique in that it has the Webster magneto
conversion and also has the original wipe spark ignition. Most of
the time the wipe spark was removed when the Webster system was
installed. I have run the engine on both systems, and it runs fine
on both.

It runs great and draws attention at shows because of the
cooling system.

I would like to thank everyone who helped with the Abenaque
restoration and provided information to bring this engine back to
its present condition.

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