Take a ‘Gander’ At This Harley!

By Staff
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1043 N. County Road 760 W. Greensburg, Indiana 47240

I purchased this engine approximately two years ago. I owned a
1932 Harley Davidson motorcycle when I was 17 years old. I saw this
1932 Harley Davidson power unit and asked if it was for sale. It
was. When the seller told me the price I thought, ‘No way!’
I went home and talked to my son, who owns a 1983 Harley Davidson
motorcycle, and he said, ‘Why not?’ So, I purchased it.

I have shown this engine the past two years at the Pioneer
Engineer’s Club of Indiana, in Rushville, Indiana. I have shown
it the past two years at the Power of the Past Show in Greensburg,
Indiana. It is all original and runs like new. The man I purchased
it from told me there was one in Florida. A man at the Rushville,
Indiana, show told me he visited the Harley Davidson Museum in
York, Pennsylvania, and all they have there is a picture of one
like it.

I have the original bill of lading, #6961, stamped April 5,
1932. I also have the original specifications and dimensions for
this single cylinder engine: 1800 r.p.m., 3 HP; 2200 r.p.m., 3

I have a letter from the Harley Davidson Motor Company to the
customer dated April 14, 1932 with the signature of William H.

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