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It is a grain train that was used to haul grain from the area around Mercer
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Hi, dear folks! Is it possible that 1984 is getting gray and
heading down the path to the beginning of a New Year? Yes, it is
possible the Holiday Season is nearly upon us as we put away the
Hallowe’en costumes for another year. Thanksgiving is really
only a few weeks away and then Christmas comes upon us so quickly.
Enjoy the Season, and to all the parents with children still at
home really take the time to appreciate the family together, for
too fast do the years fly by, and they leave to make their own
lives and families. ‘Course then, they come back in more
numbers, so that’s a happy note too. You know what I’m
trying to say: cherish not only the Holidays, but all the days you
are on God’s good earth. Truthfully, aren’t we blessed?

And now onto the communications for this, the 114th issue…

‘I just rebuilt my first one-lunger and would appreciate
some help to determine its age. It is a vertical motor with an
external exhaust valve push-rod. The nameplate says: The Peerless
Motor Co. Makers, Lansing, Michigan USA. Shop No. 686, HP Z. Thanks
for any help and keep up the good work!’ (If you can
assist, please write EDWARD C. AMADUCCI, 12 Alpine Road, RD# 1,
Boonton, New Jersey 07005).

CAREY K. ATTKISSON, SR., Box 242, Rockville, Virginia 23146
would like to exchange shop talk with someone who owns a Hercules
throttle-governed kerosene engine. Phone 804-749-3595.

PAUL WALTERS, Friendly Lodge, Station Road, Raunds,
Wellingboroush, Northants. NN9 6BT, England, air mails his letter:
‘Having been interested in gas engines for a couple of years,
everyone thought I was very lucky when I turned up at a rally with
an Amanco, or its proper name, Associated.

‘Britain’s gas engine magazine retails various items,
but when I inquired about Associated Hired Man transfers, everyone
told me that original transfers can only be obtained from the
U.S.A. Can you tell me where in America I can buy them? I am
interested in any records and dates of Associated engines. My
engine is an Associated Hired Man, 2 HP, Engine No. 145617. Sorry
to ask so much.’ (Please don’t be sorry about your
questions, that is the prime use of this columnto introduce
enthusiasts to each other so they can solve each other’s
problems. By the way, this letter is from another of our younger
generation as Paul is 14. Again, thank you for communication your
need with us, Paul).

‘Could someone please give me some information on a Utilitor
S/N 2605? This tractor seems complete, but cannot figure out how
handles attach.’ Send your letter to DONALD J. QUILTAL JR.,
1131 W. Lowell Avenue, Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830.

Sending a letter and also running an ad in this issue, this note
comes from DAVE SCHULTE, RD# 1, Sperry, Iowa 52650: ‘I am
hoping the readers can help me with information on an Easy washing
machine, Motor #21821 manufactured in Syracuse, New York. Any
photos, ads, operating information, literature, etc. would be

‘I have three items for the readers of Smoke Rings,’
writes ISAAC G. GEER, 947 Col. Ledyard Hwy., Led-yard, Connecticut

‘Several years ago, I wrote to a man who was making a list
of horsedrawn mowing machines. I have lost his address. I am hoping
he will get in touch with me, or someone else will send me his

‘Then, I am planning to make an air-compressor from an old
car engine to run from tractor power engine take-off. If anyone has
done this, I would like to hear from him and get some more

‘And, if anyone needs the cast iron top and bottom from a
Euclid radiator, I will give it to him.’

ARNOLD BOLYARD, Route 1, Box 129, Terra Alta, Wyoming 26764
sends a photo of his R & V engine which he says is the same
engine that is on our 1984 Show Directory except the S/N is

He adds: ‘A hint on how to free frozen pistons: Use
denatured alcohol stove fuel. It will soften carbon under the
rings. Add ‘ on top of piston. Let stand over night. When it
disappears, lubricate with transmission fluid. Use a round block of
wood exactly straight, tap with post maul, not sledge hammer. This
method is very good. We love GEM. Thank

‘I own a Standard Twin tractor, Standard Engine Company,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, S/N 407C9O51. I have been unable to locate
any information regarding it in terms of parts list, manual or
general information about it. Can you assist me in my search for
information. Thank you in your assistance in this matter.’

(This comes from ANTHONY L. TRUOG, Box 45, Fort Atkinson,
Wisconsin 53538. If you could help Anthony in any way, please let
him read your letters regarding same.

‘I would like any information on this tractor. See enclosed
picture,’ writes CHLOE MERWINE, Box 196, 201 South, Ashley,
Ohio 43003. ‘I would like to know where and when made, number
manufactured and possible value. On left rear axle it reads:
Gibson, Seattle, Washington. On right rear, Gibson Longmont,
Colorado 300. It has a chain drive large center gear and 4 belt
drives. I have been unable to find any serial number or other
identification. It is steered by a lever, not a steering wheel. The
Wisconsin air-cooled motor is Model AEH, S/N 1083799. On bottom
frame of motor is BB101A.

I also have a 12′ plow, cultivators and disc plus the
scraper shown on tractor. Maybe someone could tell me where I might
write to find out more about it. Any info will be greatly
appreciated.’ (According to Wendel’s Encyclopedia
of American Farm Tractors, Gibson (of Longmont, Colorado)marketed tractors for only a few years, in the early
1950’s, and made four models. Their small SD model used a
Wisconsin AEH engine, as your does. This is all the information we
havecan anyone else help?)

KEVIN A. BEHNKE, 3325 North 65th Street, Wausau, Wisconsin 54401
writes: ‘In reference to letter of Glen Burroughs on 2 HP
Economy: Bad cylinders, worn, cracked, or pitted, can be fixed by
boring and installing an over-sized sleeve, then boring and honing
the sleeve to fit the original position. This procedure can be done
by most engine machine shops. The cost locally with milling, out of
ignitor part is about $100; not cheap, but better than junking the
engine.’ (Thank you for passing this data along,

‘I am sending a picture that I found in my Dad’s stuff
on a postcard that was dated 1914, so the picture was prior to that
year,’ says LLOYD WESTERLIND, Mercer, North Dakota 58559.

‘It is a grain train that was used to haul grain from the
area around Mercer. I talked to the old-timers around here, but
they couldn’t remember the name of the owner. Also, we
couldn’t figure out how they got the wagons into the elevator
for dumping, because the tractor was too big and heavy to run
through the old elevators. Maybe some of the GEM readers could
share some answers to that bit.’


LESLIE MOFFATT, Route 1, Box 222, Brighton, Tennessee 38011
shares with us: ‘I have enjoyed reading every issue of
GEM for the past two years. I could now use some
information on a Case threshing machine I recently acquired. The
machine is size 22 x 37, constructed of steel and appears to be in
very good condition. The S/N is 403033. I would like to know the
year, model and any information such as owner’s manuals,
etc.’ (I think sometimes, these folks would just like to
borrow a manual or he able to talk or write to someone who has one.
If you could help in this way, please write to Leslie.

GLENN BONNES, 2201 5th Street SW, Rochester, Minnesota 55902 has
questions regarding information on a Sandow engine, 2 HP, S/N 87684
manufactured Sandy McManus. He would like to know the year of the
engine and if anyone has a picture or information on the color and
pin striping.

‘I’m enclosing a picture of my 1936 John Deere B, S/N
15479,’ writes JIM HUTCHINSON, 14328 13th Street, Milan,
Illinois 61264. ‘I am 13 years old. My Dad gave me this tractor
for Christmas of 1982. We have completely restored it. We also have
a ’38 Farmall F-14 and a ’34 F-12, both unrestored. This
year we are busy restoring a ’35 F-12. I hope to have the B at
the Freeport, Illinois Show of 1985.’ (Jim did not ask for any
help. He just wanted us to know of his and his Dad’s interest.
Thank you for writing and sharing with us, Jim. We surely do
appreciate hearing from our younger enthusiasts. Sometimes it is
hard for a teen-ager to find time to sit down and write a letter to
share with us. Let us hear from you as your hobby interest

‘This letter pertains to Delco Light Plants,’ states
OLEN L. QUESEN-BERRY, Box 483, Galax, Virginia 24333. ‘If
someone out there in Engine Land could come up with a way to date
these engines, I’d like to hear from him. I have written to the
Delco Co. in Dayton, Ohio but they apparently don’t have any
system by which to date them. My letter from them said that they
built power plants until 1945 only. Copies of the manuals show that
they were first manufactured around 1916. Engines I have are models
850 and 600 which is also used to show the output in watts. These
are 32 volt plants. S/N’s are 16676, 104490, 175363 and 242525
for the 8950 engines and 277742 is S/N of the 600 Delco Light.

‘I’m in the midst of restoring these engines and have a
couple of them that are running now. If any reader has a number
close to one of my Delco Plants and knows the year built, I would
appreciate hearing from him. I will answer all letters I

Happy about his find, this letter comes from DEAN TAPLEY, Route
2, Elsberry, Missouri 63343: ‘I have been a subscriber of yours
for quite a few years and enjoy your magazine very much. I bought
an engine from an auction advertised in the March-April issue of
GEM. It is a 1 HP Handy Andy made by the Galloway
Company of Waterloo, Iowa. They are very hard to find and purchase,
especially in complete original condition. I just finished
restoring it and am so proud of the engine, I wanted to share a
picture with you and the readers.’ (Looks like a

‘While on an old engine hunt, I came across an old
Minneapolis-Moline tractor at a local construction site. I got in
touch with the owner and in making a long story short, it now sits
in my yard,’ writes BOB CIAC-CIO, 70 Fireside Lane, East
Setauket, Long Island, New York 11733. Phone 516-331-1904.
(Sounds happy about it too.)

‘As I know nothing about tractors, I would appreciate any
help such as year of manufacture, operation, hints for restoration
and would like to correspond with anyone who has one. Engine tag
reads 35/8 x 4, 4 cylinder, Model EE, S/N 413251 and the tractor
tag reads Model RTU S/N S413117U. All letters will be answered and
pictures would be appreciated.’ (Sounds like another one
coming down with the ‘Engine Bug’ better help him

‘I bought a garden tractor at the fine Winamac Show this
summer for my grandson, Cory,’ writes JACK HARRELL, Box 142,
Roanoke, Indiana 46787. ‘It has a tag that reads Pony Tractor
Co., Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska. Can anyone help me with any history,
time of manufacture, etc. The tractor has seven different coats of
paint. The original probably is a light green and/or

LUTHER MOORE, 9640 S.E. Holgate, Portland, Oregon 97266 needs
help: ‘I got an engine the other day and so far I’ve got a
couple pops out of it and that is all. I think it has the wrong
carburetor on it. It is supposed to be a marine engine, but I am
not sure. It has one 14′ flywheel. The tag on the engine says
Sandow Engine manufactured by Detroit Motor Car Supply Co., Detroit
Michigan #2033. Can anybody tell me anything about this engine, or
if the Detroit company is still operating and if so, their

‘I am hoping someone can help me answer a few
questions,’ writes STEVE P. FRASL, 524 No. 4th Street,
Brainerd, Minnesota 56401. ‘I have a Monitor pumping engine
which has no HP listed on the tag. I have heard that they were 1, 1
and 2 HP. I need to know which it is. S/N is 49417, Type VJ, 500
RPM, single flywheel and all set up with pump attachments. I would
also like to know the proper color and striping color and also how
to hook up the wires for the ignition. All help will be greatly

‘Can someone tell me the age of my two all wooden Sandwich
corn shellers? Are there serial numbers any place on the machine? I
also have a New Idea Sandwich 6-hole all steel sheller. How can I
determine the age of it?’ (These questions come from
EDWIN H. BREDEMEIER, Route 1, Box 13, Steinauer, Nebraska
68441he’ll be waiting for your letters).

‘In reply to W. Winkelman re: General tractor end, enclosed
is xerox of General as sold by Massey Harris Company in 1942.
Don’t know how many they sold nor do I know the serial number
range,’ comments D. McVITTIE, Box 508, Alliston, Ontario,
Canada LOM IAO.

‘The later B.F. Avery models were sold in Ontario, Canada by
Geo. White & Sons Ltd., London, Ontario, Canada.

‘I received quite a few compliments on MH story in GEM and
I’d like to point out to persons writing to Canada and
enclosing SASE, that U.S. stamps are not valid on letters going
from Canada. A letter requires 37 cents in Canadian stamps, so
please do not put U.S. stamps on your SASE. It would be better to
send coins so that Canadian stamps could be purchased and put on
letters to be posted in Canada. Thank you!’

‘I need information on two tractors I have, a Minneapolis
17-30, #2289, and 8-16 IHC with no Serial number. It has an oiler
on the right side of engine and I have gotten it to run,’ says
MERRILL SHEETS, 4596 County Home Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

‘The Minneapolis is complete and running and I took it to
Greenville, Ohio in July to the National Prairie Gold Rush Show. I
would like information on each tractor pertaining to years
manufactured and possible year of each. I am not certain as to the
color these tractors were painted.

‘I have interesting stories about getting these tractors and
would enjoy hearing from anyone knowing anything about either
one.’(Buddies out there with same interestslet Merrill
become your pen pal).

‘We would like information as to paint colors for the little
Associated engines. The one we have has some black, and some apple
green on it, but would like to know original colors. Also, where
can a person find information on the Standard cream separator
engines?’ (These questions come from MYRON &
VIRGINIA KORN-MEYER, Box 153, Lucas, Kansas 67648;.

Sending a picture of his 6 HP Geiser, MAX BROWN, 982 Nash Road,
North Tonawanda, New York 14120 has this comment: ‘I’m
wondering how many of the other readers out there have one of
these? I would appreciate hearing from anybody who has one.

‘A good friend of mine, Glen Murphey has a 1 HP Home Power,
made in Sandusky, Ohio. Does anybody out there have one?’


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