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Please note our new advertising rates on inside back cover, are
increasing for the first time in eight years. Since 1972 inflation
has risen steadily, with the greatest boost in the past three
years, as everyone knows.

The new rates are for both Iron-Men Album and Gas Engine
. They are based on the circulation of IMA, which is
about 8,500. The circulation of GEM is about 12,500. We are keeping
the ad rates the same for both, since many organizations and
retailers advertise in both magazines, month after month.

No other magazines can offer the circulation we do, in these
specific fields. Our subscribers are engine collectors, restorers
and exhibitors. Our circulation goes into all 50 states; Canada,
and other nations such as Great Britain, Australia, and New

We are not soliciting for ads outside the immediate steam and
gas engine service areas, such as for cigarettes, liquor or
furniture. Our interests are those of our readers-engines, farming,
rural technology, and the progress of the organizations, rallies,
museums, and general membership.

Our classified ads pull many inquiries. Some advertisers say
they get as many as 40 calls from all sorts of places including
nations overseas.

We thank you for your patronage.

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