Round Rod Galloway

By Staff
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P.O. Box 411 North Plane, Nebraska 69103-0411

I’d like to share this picture of a recently restored 5 HP
round rod Galloway, serial #3129.

This engine had not run as of 1952 (as related from the previous
owner). When I located the engine, it was lying in the grader ditch
near a well drilling business. It has been left there to be
‘repaired.’ I inquired as to the owner, contacted him,
offered to buy, made the deal and became the owner, all in the
course of about a month. The engine was a typical basket case,
settled in the dirt, broken and missing parts and stuck piston.

Immediately upon arrival at home, I began to dismantle, etc.;
you know how it is, just can’t keep your hands off. Over the
course of the next 15 months all of the needed work was done to get
it into runable shape. The usual welding, replacing, and the list
of machine work is substantial, including the making of a piston
from scratch. I showed the engine several times before painting so
people could see some of the work involved in our project and to
fine tune it. I refer to our project as ‘Several people helped
with this engine.’

Many thanks go to several people, including Ed Saulsbury, Dennis
Shimmin, and lastly Glen Moreland for his fine machine work and
problem solving abilities. Without the help of these people,
completion of this project would have taken much more time, effort
and money. Thank you!

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