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I have been meaning to write for sometime now, so here goes with
some random observations. On page 3 of Sept-Oct. GEM, that F &
J Farm Pump Engine looks an awfully lot like my Fairbanks Morse
Eclipse, 1 hp. By the way, I wonder how many of you readers have
(or know of) any Eclipse engines? I’d like to know.

The article on page 13 (same issue) re: Fiberglassing Gasoline
Tanks was good. I tried it and it works O.K.–but there’s an
easier way! Just use automotive body-filler, available anywhere.
You just mix it, slap it on and in twenty minutes, it’s hard.
Besides, it’s about one fourth the price of fiberglass.

I have a most interesting book here I want to tell you about.
It’s an 8? x 11′ hard-bound book, entitled, ‘Gas
Review, Vol. 1, 1908’ and is about two inches thick and it
contains issues numbers 1 through 12, Jan. through Dec. of 1908
inclusive. I have had it for a year and have leafed through it
once. Just now, I am in the middle of March’s issue reading the
book systematically front to back every word. I’ve been reading
a page or two each day for nine months. And man–what an education!
Has anyone ever seen such a book?

Also, do any of your readers have a ‘Pohl’ engine? It
was manufactured by George D. Pohl of Vernon, New York. I have a 10
hp. Advance (Pohl), Model ‘S’, screen cooled.

I would like to find an operating manual for a 2 KW Delco light
Plant. I have one that runs nice, but no juice. And I’m not an
electrician! (A good motor man, yes-but an electrician-no!)

Does anyone have any throttle governed Associateds? Or any
Associateds that run backwards? I have both and would like to swap

That’s about it for now. Keep up the good little GEM.

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