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Arthur Biagi, Sr. of RR 2, Box 227, Centralia, Illinois 62801 restored this 1911 Coldwell Cub mower.
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A 1922 engine from a 22 inch Ideal lawn mower owned by William C. Kuhl, 464 S. 5 Street, Se-bewaing, Michigan 48759.
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A 1/3 scale Gade binder engine model made from a sold block of aluminum by Don Comstock, Rt. 1, Box 188, Potlatch, Idaho 83855.
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The engines in the collection above belong to Carlos H. Gonzalez, M-31 11 St., Bayamon Gardens, Bayamon, Puerto Rico 00957. They are: Fairbanks Morse 3 HP, 1920; Fairbanks Morse 3 HP Z, 1919; Olds Seager 3 HP type 2A, 1912; Cushman Cub, R-14 2 HP, 1928; a
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Photo of a Parsell and Weed engine. According to Wendel's American Gasoline Engines, this was a l HP and was sold as a kit with all necessary prints and literature for anyone with necessary tools to build. Hal Dunbar of 2390 Sunset Lane, Adrian, Michigan

Don Gober of 3250 Grand-view Road, Millbrook, Alabama 36054 sent
this picture of his 1911 Fairbanks 4 HP hit and miss engine. Don
has also built an interesting carriage using a 3 HP Fairbanks C
engine, an old pickup truck transmission, a chain drive Harley
Davidson differential and a plywood body.

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