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Garry Wilson, P.O. Box 192, Pilot Point, Texas 76258 sends this photo of his 1935 Stover 3-3/4 HP #TC235447, pointing out that Texas has not only blue skies but blue engines as well.
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Hart-Parr restored last winter by Freeman L. Holden, Box 97, RR1, Ellsworth, Wisconsin 54011. The engine, lubricator and magneto were frozen, but everything's in order now.
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Larry Kinney, 310 Stevens St., Iowa Falls, Iowa 50126 sends a picture of the 1946 Silver King his dad gave him. Larry restored the tractor in 1988.
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Just a partial view of the engine collection of B.H. Knox, 426 W. Olive, Redlands, California 92373.
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