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226 N. Morrison Street, Centralia, Illinois 62801

This is Chelsea Bone.  In the picture is her first Maytag,
at left a 3 HP Sattley serial #3030, and a 2 HP McCormick Deering
in back. Chelsea’s other Maytag model 92 is on the front of the
trailer with three more Maytags. The picture was taken September 7,
1996 at the show in Salem, Illinois.

The other picture at right is from Eugene Friesehon, in the
center with the hat, from Ciblo, Texas. Eugene sent Chelsea several
pictures and letters after the article ‘Her First Maytag and
Her First Show’ appeared in the February 1996 GEM. She also
received a Maytag manual and wrench and a letter from Robert

Chelsea now has two Maytag engines and a 1937 square tub washer
with a model 92 on it. She plans to wash her clothes at the next
September 1997 show at Salem, Illinois! So, thanks to all you guys
for taking the time to write to Chelsea.

P. S. Eugene sent Chelsea a special calendar with a picture of
her in a pedal pull in 1995 that she sent to him. It sure was a
nice Christmas gift!

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