One Never Knows What’s In Them Thar Bushes!

By Staff
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The view from the roadway.
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There it is, looking toward the roadway.
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Didn't know they built a Twenty-Eight before I saw this one.
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There's something in there!
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Then the feller says, 'There is the engine for it.'

Ted H. Stein, 412 W. Second Street, Streator, Illinois 61364
sent this series of photos documenting the discovery of a
Caterpillar Twenty-Eight. Ted writes:

‘I visited a repair shop near Fort Madison, Iowa, late last
summer, and the owner mentioned an old crawler out back. I went out
and took several pictures, with the idea that maybe it would look
good in the magazine.

‘What might be great is if someone could acquire and restore
both of these discoveries. Might make a great pair of

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