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Box 66 Paradise, Michigan 49768.

I find your publication, The Gas Engine Magazine, very helpful
to me in the restoration of old engines.’ I have sever-al
engines that I will have on display in my museum here next

I have a Model R Case tractor on steel completely restored; a
‘New-Way’ upright 3? HP air cooled gas engine, on trucks,
all original and perfect, bore 4?’, stroke 6′, mfg. in
Lansing, Mich.; a 1? HP Hercules; two 2 cyl. Maytags; a 1? HP
McCormick Deering gas engine, all restored; plus various other pump
jacks, and related tools and machinery. I would be happy to send
anyone information on the above.

I also need some help. I recently acquired a 5 HP Galloway
engine, No. 4611. It has 30′ flywheels, 5? bore, with hammer
break ignition. However, I am unfamiliar with this engine and could
use information re: carburetion, gas tank, color, year, rod and
crank style. I also have an engine with no tags on it. However, all
the castings have the International Harvester trademark. I believe
it to be about 2 HP; the carburetor has gas, water, kerosene cast
in the top; has jump spark ignition; but I believe it originally
had a gear driven magneto. It now has a single cyl. Dodge Bros,
timer geared to the crank, with several cover plates missing. I
would appreciate hearing from International collectors.

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