My Two Deeres

By Staff
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4660 County Road 134, St. Cloud, Minnesota 56303

Over the last few years I have restored several John Deere
gasoline engines, and I was looking for another project. In the
spring of 1992 my wife and I traveled to the LeSueur, Minnesota,
Swap Meet where I met Bob Campbell selling half scale John Deere
kits, available with the trucks. I inquired as to the price,
swallowed hard, and we continued on our way.

About one month later at the Waukee, Iowa, Swap Meet I saw Bob
once again offering the half scale kits. I reminded my loving wife
that my birthday is in August and soon became the proud owner of a
box full of half scale John Deere parts, with machining done.

I assembled the little engine during the winter of 1992-1993,
taking the time to smooth the castings, especially the faces of the
wheels. When completed, I took the engine to Jake Zilverberg of
Aitkin, Minnesota, for the first start up. It took no more than one
half hour and we had it running nicely.

In the summer of 1993 my wife and I attended the Portland,
Indiana, Show and there I saw the nickel plated Root Vandervoort
that was shown in the GEM April 1994 issue. I then began to wonder
whether or not Bob had another half scale John Deere, and was it
possible to polish the cast iron smooth enough to have it chromed?
When I returned home I called him. He told me that one half scale
engine was left. I promptly reminded my loving wife that next year
I would have another birthday, and soon thereafter we drove to
Eagle Grove, Iowa, to pick up my second half scale John Deere

When I began to work on my second engine I inquired at a local
chrome shop if the engine could be chromed. They said, ‘Yes,
but you’ve got to polish it.’ It took me the best part of
January . . . February . . . and March of 1994 to polish and
assemble it.

Once again I took the second little Deere to Jake and we soon
had this engine running. I give much credit to Jake in helping me
with my two little Deeres. He is very experienced and is always
ready to help. Jake is so knowledgeable that he has forgotten more
about gas engines than I will ever know!

I really enjoyed working on these engines. They run well and
draw much attention at shows. I have already mentioned to my loving
wife that I have a birthday in 1995!!!

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