Motor Car Collectors Of America

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Motor Car Collectors of America

We hear from all kinds of organizations that are engine-related
(and often not engine-related), and one that we thought our readers
might find of interest is the Motor Car Collectors of America. In
1986, Mark Mayfield began the group in hopes of organizing the
small but growing group of individuals concerned with the
restoration and operation of an important facet of railroading.
Mark notes that readers interested in Buda, Kalamazoo,
Fairbanks-Morse and Sheffield as well as Fairmont motorcars may
wish to give this organization a try. The Collectors organize meets
so the members can let their cars run, and they have a quarterly
newsletter, The Speeder. If you own a railway motor car or are
interested in track speeder and section cars, you may wish to give
the MCCA a try. $8.00 a year buys a membership, a sample copy of
The Speeder is available for $2.00. For more information, write
Mark Mayfield, 5 Bay View Hills, Wever, IA 52658.

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