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1281 First Avenue, Salinas, California 93905

I have restored several engines in the last 13 years. The past
five years I have been primarily building models. The gas engine
hobby has always been interesting to me and the combination of
engines and models adds to the enjoyment of it all for me.

Since I live in town and have a very limited amount of space I
can’t have a 110 HP Case or a 30-60 Aultman Taylor. My latest
model has to take the place of both of the above for me.

I came up with the name ‘May Pull’ because of the Maytag
twin cylinder engine on it. If you look close you can see the trade
mark I gave it on the smoke box door. It is 36′ long x 28′
tall with a 2′ stack. Just about everything on it was made from
junk and scrap I already had on hand. It does a good job of blowing
smoke rings. However, of all the pictures another fellow and I took
last week, not a single smoke ring could be seen. The steering
works and I am still adding small items that come to mind. It is
not self-propelled as yet. I am considering the possibility of a
small lawn mower transmission to drive it. ‘May Pull’, may
not. A working fly-ball governor would be a nice addition. I still
need a piece of equipment for it to power or pull. I guess a 16
bottom plow would be about right or maybe a 28′ x 46′
Minneapolis threshing machine. A person’s imagination can
really keep you busy.

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