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This engine is a 1947 International LB, 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 HP with
serial no. 116923. I acquired it as a non-running unit, with
several coats of red paint that had been applied over old grease
and dirt. I resolved a few minor technical issues, including making
new felt seals, freeing a seized governor plunger pin, cleaning the
fuel system and adjusting ignition timing.

Since several LA/LB engines reside in my collection, both
original paint and rusty ones, it was time for a shiny one. After
seeing a friend’s nice-looking orange Witte, I thought if he had
the nerve to do that, I would step out and do an engine yellow, as
I always wanted a yellow engine! And what better candidate could be
found than a common small International LB?

So I partially disassembled the engine and completely stripped
all the paint, grease and dirt with chemical paint stripper. I then
filled some of the rough castings with auto body filler. Several
coats of primer/sealer followed and after a week of curing, I
applied five coats of John Deere yellow. Correct IH decals and some
brass hardware added the final details along with a super-quiet

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