LeSueur to Honor Modelsmiths as Featured Attraction

By Staff
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John P. Barklow

Featured attraction at this year’s LeSueur County Pioneer
Power Association’s 22nd annual Pioneer Power Show will be the
builders and collectors of handmade scale models. On display will
be working scale models gas engines, steam engines, hot air
engines, working model farm equipment and displays of working scale
model railroad engines and equipment in live steam and diesel.

Shown at right is an engine completely home-shop built from
scraps, cut-offs and odds and ends. The top of the water hopper is
one inch black pipe sawed in half, the corners sawed to 45 degrees.
The muffler face is the inverted bottom of a spray can. The only
items that were purchased are the gears and drip oiler. The
carburetor is built from a Weather head fitting purchased at the
NAPA store. It was built in the basement shop of Willmar Tiede of
LeCenter, Minnesota.

In addition to the ‘models miths’ feature, there will be
the regular showing of 300 tractors, 250 stationary engines, 50
plus antique cars and trucks, and steam engines threshing wheat,
sawing logs and plowing with an eight bottom plow.

The show runs from August 25 through 27, and has something for
everyone. For additional information, contact John P. Barklow, RR 1
Box 280, Kasota, MN 56050, (507) 931-2809. Show grounds are six
miles east of LeSueur on County Road 26 or 11 miles west of
Montgomery, Minnesota on County Road 2613 miles south of Belle

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