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The Field Type 'W' 1-3-1-5-7-10-12 and 15 H.P.

Carroll Chase of RFD, Box 51, Concord, Vermont 05824 sent us a
package of interesting items seen on this page.

The Acme engine is an illustration from their 1914 Catalog No.
15. Acme, which was organized in 1903, was the ‘successor’
to the Peerless Motor Company of Lansing, Michigan. In addition to
the hopper cooled engine (in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 HP sizes), the
firm promoted a corn grinder and pump jack in this catalog.

Another interesting piece sent by Chase is a picture of a Field
Brundage Type W engine c. 1915. Included with the picture was a
letter from the company to Chase’s deceased neighbor, G.O.
Evans, from whom Chase obtained this material. The April 22, 1915
letter advises of a March 12 price reduction and implores Mr. Evans
to place his order for a 7 HP engine. It also calls attention to an
offer to provide a Webster built-in magneto for an additional

Finally, the Gray engine ads exhibit farm and marine models.

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