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I don’t know about your part of the country, but around here
spring is definitely in the air. The show season is really starting
to hit its stride, and reports so far have been nothing but
positive. Lots of new old iron appears to be making the rounds this
year – not much of a surprise considering the number of engines
that are continually being unearthed and put back into form.

In fact, just when you think there can’t possibly be any
more ‘lost’ engines out there, yet another one comes out of
hiding or hibernation. The 1911 4 HP Waterloo Boy reader Bob Naske
recently pulled from a shed is a perfect example. Forgotten and
unused for some 35 years, this old Waterloo Boy is back in running
form. Bob stayed away from a full-on restoration, choosing instead
to leave this engine in its work clothes, centering his work around
a mechanical refreshening and replacing the rotten and damaged
timbers it sat on. Remarkably, this engine appears to have been in
the same family since new, and it’s a treasure in the old iron
collective. You’ll find Bob’s story on page 24. In the mean
time, keep a sharp eye out – there’s lots of old iron still
waiting to be found.

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