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The creative streak inside the old iron community runs strong,
and anyone doubting that fact need only turn to page 24 of this
issue of Gas Engine Magazine. There, you’ll find George
Fair’s write up on the Otto-Langen atmospheric engine he
designed and constructed, sourcing almost all of its parts from
salvaged materials. The Otto-Langen engine occupies an important
place in the history of the internal combustion engine, and was, in
fact, the first successful flame ignition engine. Commercially
available starting around 1864, the engine was designed by Nicolaus
Otto and Eugene Langen, and preceded Otto’s work on four-cycle
engine design. George has built a completely functional version of
an Otto-Langen engine, and he’s done it without drawings,
basing his design on readily available parts put together with a
minimum of machining.

Regular contributor Bob Naske shares a great find with us this
issue, that being the 5 HP 1919 Hercules Model E now in the
possession of the Hanford Mills Museum, East Meredith, N.Y. An
original engine found bolted to its original foundation, the
discovery of this Hercules is a great story, one made even more
amazing by the coincidence of its place of purchase and present
home. Turn to page 20 to learn more about this great find.

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