Great Western

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Rt. 1, Box 152, Kane, Illinois 62054

This 4 HP Smith engine was purchased new in 1905, by Mr. Alex
Reynolds, Sr. of Pawnee, Illinois. It was used to elevate corn,
grind feed, and saw wood until 1930, when it was retired.

I purchased this engine in the fall of 1994, from Mr. Alex
Reynolds, Jr., who is 80 years young. The engine still had the
original black paint and gold striping. A good friend, Greg Tolle
of Brighton, Illinois, rebuilt the entire engine, making many new
parts. My brother-in-law, Sam Roberts of Dow, Illinois, helped me
in the restoration of the engine.

I made the skids and tool boxes, and painted the engine. I
showed it at the Tri-County Antique Club Show in the fall of

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