Give Credit… Where Credit Is Due

By Staff
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Before restoration view of the Superior
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Before restoration view of the Superior
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After restoration view of the Superior
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After restoration view of the Superior
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View of the Superior

57754 CR 388, Grand junction, MI, 49056.

Since I’ve known the Krizans, I have gotten introduced to
the world of antique engines and tractors. I must say this has
become contagious because I now find myself researching
information, wondering about these marvels of history.

I have been watching my husband, Fred, restore this Superior 22?
HP engine. We have researched information as far back as the late
1800’s as far as the vintage of this engine. According to the
serial number it could have been produced as early as 1847. I know
stationary steam engines were a reality as far back as 1830 and
with this Superior displaying its longevity, it is a good
possibility. We are open for any facts or speculation.

Fred has worked feverishly and diligently on this project. Folks
visiting our place marvel at what he has done. We have watched him
work on many engines and tractors. He has made them look new again
and makes them run better than when they were new. If he can’t
get parts, he makes them on his lathe. I haven’t found anything
he can’t do.

You might feel you are reading a prejudiced story, but it is
just realism I would like to share with you. He doesn’t boast
about his projects, but silently makes things happen.

With this big work load he still finds time to help other people
. . never taking any credit. Leave it to a woman to try to change
things. I would just like to give him recognition.

This wonderful Fred is also the Vice President of the VAN BUREN

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