Gettin’ Up Speed

By Staff
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Courtesy of Fred Rigsby, R. R. 1, Arcadia, Indiana 46030. Cleanest engine in Indiana (ha ha).

Things were getting so we could see daylight again but it
wasn’t for long. Rev. Ritzman thought we should try to boost
this little magazine some so suggested that we increase the news by
four pages, that really will be Anna Mae’s department but I
will help her along a little. If you have any information buzzing
around in your head but haven’t put it on paper, please do so
and mail it to us. It will help keep the magazine up to 40

Before I forget, it does pay to look in boxes once in a while
and in doing so, in the garage we found many copies of the May-June
1966 issue of GEM and I have told many people over the past two
years were we out. If you still desire one they are 50 cents each.
Hard to tell what we might find if we keep searching. Perhaps an
old gas engine?

The past week was a busy one for me, Rev. Ritzman was
recuperating in the hospital from illness, but he would still want
to know how the business was going and each day he fired the
questions to me. Then to top it off we had a big Addressing machine
arrive before it was due. We managed to get men to bring it into
the office, and I thought, without him knowing it, but the next day
he asked me for the instruction book for the new machine. The
Gremlins are all around, I guess. Rev. Ritzman is home now and
doing fine. The big machine hasn’t been demonstrated yet so I
may have more gray hairs than black when it is. I’m not from
the computer age.

Several people have written for some information on gas engines
they have acquired. Mr. Al Troyer, 1294 W. Chicago Rd., Sturgis,
Michigan 49091, has a two cylinder ‘Edwards’ gas engine and
he would like to know year built, hp. or how to crank it, he
can’t find any place to put a crank on it. (By the way Al, my
husband told me some of those old gas engines you don’t crank,
if I remember correctly, he said, don’t quote me, you put two
fingers in the flywheel or at least he and his brothers did.) The
Serial number is 20603. Then, Mr. Bert Lehman, 2050 S. Humboldt,
Denver, Colorado 80210, writes he recently acquired a Gilson 1 hp.
Air-cooled with name plate that reads ‘Goes Like Sixty.’
There are a few parts missing — the governor, ignition and
carburetor. The crankshaft is broken so he is in trouble. If he
could find a crankshaft from another engine he could rework it as
he has a machine shop. He would like to borrow or buy pictures to
show him the parts and he would be all set. Hope someone helps
those two men out, I’m doing my part.

We have just a few of the Aermotor Gasoline Engine books left,
unless some turn up in the garage, so if you have been wanting one,
first come first served. They are $1.00.

Don’t forget to check our new book list in the center of the

Christmas is just around the corner and you might find just what
you are looking for.

I wish to thank you all good people who took subscriptions and
sold books for us this past summer I know it takes a lot of time
and patience but we do appreciate it.

Until next time, from our house to yours, Season’s Greetings
and Best Wishes to you all.

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