Gade Binge

By Staff
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It all started with 1/4-scale Gade castings, which would make a good starter engine for anyone. High quality castings and drawings help. It machined easily, and started and ran well. It now has a home with a collector in Ohio.
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I saw a picture in Wendel’s book of a Gade Binder engine. An old cast iron casting laying around made a cylinder head. I also used a leftover Maytag main bearing casting. The rest was mostly fabrication. The gears are always on hand ahead of time fo
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The 1/2-scale Gade castings took a little longer, though it also had quality castings and drawings. This engine started easily and ran without piston rings. It’s now in Dekalb, Ill., with Russell Roland.
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The 1/3-scale is my favorite size. Here I had to fabricate, but with drawings for 1/4- and 1/2-scale, it was not too difficult. It ran well and went to a collector in Wisconsin.

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