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117 Lind Street McMinnville, Tennessee 371101922

This Fuller & Johnson 4 HP hit and miss #11134 was shipped
April 7, 1913 to Mr. G.S. Grable of Henry, Tennessee. Mr. Willie
Charles, also from Henry, acquired the engine and ran a grist mill
and sawmill for a number of years.

Fuller & Johnson made the ‘people’s priced’
engine only from May 8, 1912 to June 20, 1913. It was the
predecessor of their famous Model N. It was originally supplied
with battery ignition but now features a rare Sumter

Mr. Charles also had a Majestic 3 HP #140022. Both of these
engines were saved by his daughter, Mrs. Fred Callins of
Greenfield, Tennessee. Restoration was done by James W. Priestley
of McMinnville, Tennessee.

Owners of Fuller & Johnson engines can be aided by Mr. Verne
Kindschi of Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin with historical information
and manufacturer’s literature.

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