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Fuller & Johnson

Madison, Wis.

Model: JW B-2
Year: 1925
Horsepower: 1-1/2
Serial number: 150093
Weight: 340 pounds
Bore: 3-1/2-inch
Stroke: 3-1/2-inch
Flywheel width: 1-1/2 inches
Flywheel diameter: 14 inches
Governing: hit-and-miss
Ignition: jump spark
Unique features: This engine
uses the governor weight and flywheels from a much earlier
1-1/4 HP People’s Price engine.
Interesting fact: Only 21 of this model were ever built by Fuller & Johnson; this is one of two known.

Owner: Nick Lozzi
Box 157
Sheldonville, MA 02070


Beloit, Wis.

Model: ZC 118
Horsepower: 7
Serial number: 918075
Year: 1940
Bore: 5-inch
Stroke: 6-inch
Flywheel width: 3 inches
Flywheel diameter: 22-1/2 inches
Governing: hit-and-miss, throttle-governed, internal flyweight
Ignition: Fairbanks magneto
Interesting fact: Engine spent its life pumping oil in
northeast Ohio oil fields. It runs great on gas and has never failed to start.

Owner: Pete Churilla
Waynesburg, Ohio

Model: “Round Rod”
Year: circa 1908
Horsepower: 5
Serial number: 5150
Weight: 800-plus pounds
Bore: 5-1/2-inch
Stroke: 10-inch
Flywheel width: 2-5/16 inches
Flywheel diameter: 30 inches
Governing: hit-and-miss
Ignition: low-tension igniter, battery and coil
Unique features: Has traces of red paint and traces of the name on the hopper. There is also a check ball compression release that allows fuel to be pulled in, but lessens the compression.
Interesting fact: There is an
11-1/2-inch board between the engine and the base, which makes a platform for the original fuel tank.

Owners: Gary and?Dea Gruel
30090 W.?Lower River?Road
Buckeye, AZ 85326


Waterloo, Iowa

Year: 1907
Horsepower: 2-1/4
Serial number: 2158
Weight: 390 pounds
Bore: 4-1/8-inch
Stroke: 5-inch
Flywheel width: 2 inches
Flywheel diameter: 18 inches
Governing: hit-and-miss
Ignition: make-and-break igniter

Owners: Larry and?Barbara DeLeon
14437 Marysville Road
Camptonville,?CA 95922


Port Washington, Wis.

Model: Style A
Year: circa 1907
Horsepower: 4-1/2
Serial number: 5002
Weight: 850 pounds
Bore: 5-1/4-inch
Stroke: 7-inch
Flywheel diameter: 24 inches
Flywheel weight: 150 pounds
Ignition: trip by a sideways A-shaped rocker arm that also operates the exhaust valve
Unique features: Original Lunken-heimer Paragon oiler dated 1904
Interesting fact: The first vertical model by Gilson?Mfg., this is one of two known to exist and the only one with the original tag.

Owner: Bill Anderson
884 W. Jackson
Marshall, MO 65340

Goold, Shapley & Muir

Brantford, Ontario

Model: Ideal
Year: 1908
Horsepower: 8
Serial number: 3895
Weight: 2,100 pounds
Bore: 6-inch
Stroke: 10-1/2-inch
Flywheel width: 2-3/4 inches
Flywheel diameter: 41 inches
Governing: hit-and-miss
Ignition: low-tension, battery and coil
Unique features: This engine has a ported exhaust in addition to the conventional exhaust valve. When the engine is up to speed, the governor moves the injector camshaft aside, preventing fuel from being
injected into the cylinder. During this miss cycle, the intake and exhaust valves operate normally, inducting clean air, compressing it, expanding it and exhausting it.

Owner: Rob?Skinner
1721 Brookdale Ave.
La Habra,?CA 90631

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