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Owner: Ben Hilton, 2579 Blackburn Bridge Road, Maiden, NC 28650
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Owners: Roger Kirchner, 581 S. Water St., Lomira, WI 53048
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Owner: Rick Inzero,
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Owner: Brad Rush, 1101 CR 259, Dublin, TX 76446,
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Owner: David M. Lyon, P.O. Box 15902, Hattiesburg, MS 39404,
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Owner: Noah Martin, 4 Martin Road, Ephrata, PA 17522
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Freeport, Ill.

Year: 1925
Horsepower: 2
RPM: 500
Bore: 3-1/2-inch
Stroke: 4-inch
Flywheel width: 2 inches
Flywheel diameter: 15-1/2 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Ignition: WICO EK with spark plug


Sandwich, Ill.

Model: Cub
Year: 1929
Horsepower: 1-1/4
Serial number: AA29479
Bore: 3-1/4-inch
Stroke: 5-inch
RPM: 575
Flywheel width: 1-9/16 inches
Flywheel diameter: 16-1/8 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Ignition: WICO EK magneto
Unique features: On original trucks


Elgin, Ill.

Company: Taylor Engine Co., Elgin, Ill.
Model: Type C vacuum engine
Year: circa 1925-1928
Horsepower: 2
Weight: 240 pounds
Flywheel width: 1-5/8 inches
Flywheel diameter: 17 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Ignition: WICO EK magneto with a Type 2 drive
Unique features: It’s called a vacuum engine because it has a
built-in vacuum pump and was used on farms to directly run cow
milking machines. It has a single, two-stage piston, having a small
diameter for the front half (for power), and a larger diameter for
the back half (for vacuum). The engine is designed to run as an
engine alone and the pump can still work without the engine
running, by belting it up to the pulley.

Termaat & Monahan

Oshkosh, Wis.

Year: 1917
Horsepower: 2-1/2
Serial number: 2356L
Bore: 4-1/4-inch
Stroke: 5-3/4-inch
Flywheel width: 2-1/4 inches
Flywheel diameter: 22 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Ignition: Webster tri-polar oscillator magneto
with igniter
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Unique features: Original parts and paint


Mobile, Ala.

Company: Built by Witte Engine Works, Kansas City, Mo.; sold by
Turner Supply Co., Mobile, Ala.
Year: circa 1920
Horsepower: 6
Serial number: 6833
Bore: 6-inch
Stroke: 7-inch
Flywheel width: 1-3/4 inches
Flywheel diameter: 19 inches
Ignition: Battery and buzz coil with spark plug
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Unique features: The color scheme was changed for the Turner
Supply Co. by painting all of the reciprocating and rotating mass
red rather than green. The bed of the engine was coated with red
lead on the inside of the crank area. The walking beam, valve
train, timing gear, and valve cage were painted silver. The
remainder of the engine was standard Witte green.


Beloit, Wis.

Company: J. Thompson & Sons, Beloit, Wis.
Year: circa 1909-1911
Horsepower: 2
Serial number: 6833
Bore: 4-inch
Stroke: 5-1/2-inch
Flywheel width: 1-3/4 inches
Flywheel diameter: 19 inches
Unique features: Dual-ported exhaust

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