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Freeport, Ill.

Model: Puritan
Horsepower: 1-1/2
Serial number: A2343
Weight: 200 pounds
Bore: 3-1/2-inch
Stroke: 4-inch
Flywheel width: 1-1/2 inches
Flywheel diameter: 17 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss, single weight centrifugal governor
Ignition: Low-tension igniter, make-and-break
Unique features: Auxiliary exhaust port opened by the piston at
the most downward portion of the stroke. Camshaft gear located on
the outside of the crankcase.
Interesting facts: The only air-cooled vertical engine
Rawleigh-Schryer produced. The engines apparently never had tags
and the serial numbers are stamped on the end of the

Owner: Michael McCracken, 7879 State Route 309, Galion, OH

Mystery Engine

Horsepower: Possibly 3
Bore: 4-inch
Stroke: 6-inch
Weight: 450 pounds
Governing: Throttle governed
Ignition: WICO EK magneto
Unique features: This engine has a crankcase, and instead of
grease cups, has a spot for a piece of burlap sack to soak oil to
grease the bearings. The engine has “Ran” in raised lettering on
the hopper.

Owner: Cody Klotz, 119 11th Ave. N., Shelby, MT 59474


Oil City, Pa.

Model: LH
Year: 1921
Horsepower: 20
Serial number: 13571
Weight: 7,000 pounds
Bore: 9-1/2-inch
Stroke: 11-inch
Flywheel width: 4-1/4 inches
Flywheel diameter: 66-1/2 inches
Governing: Throttle-governed
Ignition: WICO OC magneto
Unique feature: Worked outside Oil City until four or five years

Owner: Drew Talbert, 300 Bluff City Hwy., Bristol, TN 37620

Owner: Bartholomew County Historical Society, Submitted by:
James Loesch Columbus, Ind.

Owner: Roman Hood, 1228 N. Fort Wayne Road, Rushville, IN

Year: 1912
Horsepower: 2
Serial number: 4768
Weight: 300 pounds
Bore: 3-3/4-inch
Stroke: 4-3/4-inch
Flywheel width: 1-3/4 inches
Flywheel diameter: 19 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Ignition: Battery, coil and igniter
Unique features: Small hand wheel on igniter side for easy speed
control. Reeves engines had a spark adjusting lever whereby
ignition could be retarded for starting and then advanced when
Interesting fact: The owner also has a 1913 Reeves, serial no.
5194 and a 1914, serial no. 5868.

Root & VanDervoort

East Moline, Ill.

Model: DB
Year: 1915
Horsepower: 6
Serial number: 53541
Bore: 5-1/2-inch Stroke: 9-inch
Flywheel width: 3 inches
Flywheel diameter: 34 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss, single flywheel weight
Ignition: Battery, coil and igniter
Unique feature/interesting fact: Fuel cup under the intake pipe
for preheating.

Owner: Glenn Karch, 20601 Old State Road, Haubstadt, IN 47639;
(812) 867-5266;


Columbus, Ind.

Model: P
Year: 1907
Horsepower: 10
Bore: 4-inch
Stroke: 4-inch
Ignition: Jump spark
Interesting fact: This 2-cylinder, opposed, air-cooled Reeves
engine is in the 1907 Worth car, at right. The car was built in
Evansville, Ind.


Rockford, Ill.

Owner: John Whitney, 1615 Willow St., Sycamore, IL 60178; (815)

Company: Rockford Engine Works
Year: 1905
Horsepower: 6
Serial number: 1742
Weight: 1,800 pounds
Bore: 5-1/2-inch
Stroke: 8-inch
Flywheel width: 2-1/2 inches
Flywheel diameter: 38 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss, flyball governor
Ignition: Low-tension igniter
Unique features: Early-style Rockford sideshaft engine with
flyball governor and pick-blade igniter.

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