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Max Homfeld
Courtesy of PEMCO Webster & Stevens Collection, Museum of History & Industry, 2700 24th Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112

The late Max Homfeld submitted this photo shortly before his
death. The note enclosed read, ‘This is a photo that I found
very interesting, and I hope you do too. The photo was taken c.
1910 by Webster &. Stevens of Seattle, professional
photographers. The launch is the ‘Foxy,’ and the picture
probably was taken in Seattle. The original is in the collection of
the Museum of History and Industry Photographic Archives,

‘There are interesting details worth some study. The two men
appear to be the well-dressed owner and his mechanic. The engine is
a two-cylinder, two-cycle with copper water jackets. Does anyone
recognize the make? Note the melon-shaped muffler, messy wiring,
combined coils and spark plugs, belt-driven battery-charging
generator, and switches for ignition and running lights. The
vertical wood lever could be the steering tiller or a lever for a
reversible-pitch propeller.’

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