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Courtesy of Richard ''Sparky'' Hamp, 1772 Conrad Ave., San Jose, California 95124.
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Courtesy of D. Lee Anderson, Box 151, Kandiyohi, Minnesota 56251.

1772 Conrad Ave., San Jose, California 95124

Here are four engines which were displayed at Branch No. 6
E.D.G.E. & T.A. gas-up on May 23, 1971 at the Noeller
Brother’s ranch at Hughson, California.

The two engines on the left belong to ‘Jorgie’
Jorgensen, 376 Arietta Avenue, San Jose, California 95128. The
engine on the extreme left is a Fuller & Johnson FPE which
‘Jorgie’ found about a mile from his home. He found it
sitting on a well where it had been installed when new. The engine
had not been run since sometime prior to 1925 according to the
fellow from whom Jorgie bought the engine. The next engine is a 1?
H.P. Arco which Jorgie found at a garage sale near my home.

The two engines on the right belong to me. The engine on the
extreme right is a 1919 Stover model Y of 2 H.P. serial No.
Y129049. This engine was given to me by my in-laws who operate a
cattle ranch in Northern California. The engine was used on the
ranch to power a buzz saw. When I got the engine, it was in very
rough shape. The rod bearings were pieces of leather. It took about
five months to free the piston. It was fairly complete, only
missing the oiler, muffler, and Webster magneto. The engine is now
in top operating condition.

The engine beside it is a 3? H.P. Witte, serial No. B38705,
manufactured sometime between 1922 and 1927. This engine was given
to me by Dr. C. W. Koerper, M.D. of Oakland, California, whom I met
through G.E.M. The engine was a ‘basket case’ when received
by me, but it was fairly complete including the starting crank. The
only items missing were the push rod, part of the rocker arm,
oiler, and the magneto. This engine was recently restored, and it
was started for the first time after restoration on Friday evening,
May 21st, just two days prior to the gas-up. It started on the
third spin of the flywheels. By the way, the magneto which is a
Wico EK, is a brand new unit which I found at an implement dealer
in the Bay Area.

Shown above is one of my engines. The nameplate describes it as
a Sandow Engine manufactured by Detroit Motor Car Supply Company,
Detroit, Michigan. Serial No. 2828. Would like to correspond with
anyone owning one of these engines. Especially need details or
pictures of original type radiator and gas tank.

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