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43/2/1: Identification request

I have an old gas engine that I can’t identify. It has a 5-inch
bore, the serial number is 190576, the RPM is 425, and the
horsepower is labled as 5E. It currently has a spark plug but I do
not know if that is original equipment. I am interested in any
information as well as any photos of this model of engine. Paul
Stagg, P.O. Box 311, Madisonville, LA 70447;

43/2/2: Carb assistance

I found these very strange carburetors at a flea market. The
U-shape has a butterfly plate in both ends of the tube and the
mixture needle is in the bottom of the curve. The flange suggests
it was bolted directly to a gas tank, although the center hole is
threaded, so it may have had a pick-up tube or check valve here.
Does anyone know what it would fit or better yet, does anyone have
one of these engines for sale that needs a carb? Jim Koby, P.O. Box
177, Manilla, IN 46150.

43/2/4: Another clue

I would like to submit the following information in regard to
the mystery engine from the June 2006 issue of Gas Engine Magazine.
Regarding the casting numbers on both the APLCO and Termaat &
Monahan engines (1 4 H29), I have two Termaat & Monahan
engines. One reads 2-1/2 4 H29 and the other 6 4 H29. I take the
figures to mean 2-1/2 or 6 HP, 4-cycle, hopper cooled and 29
horizontal design.

I am also looking for a flywheel for the 6 HP with 64H19 scribed
in the flywheel, as pictured. Don Selle, 140 Poplar St., Turtle
Lake, WI 54889; (715) 986-2451.

43/2/3: Scale on propane

A long time ago, Rusty Hopper mentioned in Modeler’s Corner that
the model he was building would be run on propane and the technical
details would be described later. The details would likely have
included the making and operation of a suitable valve or regulator
scaled down for the model. Unfortunately, the series from RH
stopped and the story was never completed.

Is there any other expert out there who would set out how best
to run scale engines on propane? Norma McIntyre on behalf of Peter
Dewar, Naim, Scotland.

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