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Gilson Style U engine before.
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Gilson Style U engine thus far.
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Gilson Style U engine thus far.
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42/4/1: Help on Stover

In regard to the quest for Stover information in the April/May
2007 issue of Gas Engine Magazine, the tag on my engine reads:
“Canadian Stover Gasoline Engine Company, 9 H.P., 350 speed, Engine
no. 008, High Grade Gasoline Engines, Brandon, Manitoba.” It has a
6-inch piston with a 9-inch stroke – about the same as a 6 HP
Titan, but the flywheels may be a little heavier. Bob Anderson, Box
118, MacGregor, MAN, Canada R0H 0R0; (204) 685-2137.

42/4/2: Gilson parts

In 1995 I stopped at an antique shop in San Marcos, Calif., on
the south side of Highway 78. There I bought a hit-and-miss engine,
took it home and found the piston was frozen. Even after a great
deal of WD-40, penetrating oil and patience, I still could not move
the piston. So, I put the engine under my workbench and forgot
about it.

Twelve years later, in 2007, I dusted it off and started working
on it again. Finally, with the help of a wheel puller and pry bars,
the piston came loose – only to find to my surprise that the
previous owner had broken the skirt from the piston. The cap was
missing from the connecting rod and the crankshaft was also bent. I
was able to get the piston repaired, the connecting rod cap made
and the crankshaft straightened. Now is when I really need

There is no nameplate, serial number or any other mark to tell
me who the original engine manufacturer was. On the connecting rod
is a label saying “Jump-Spark U 42 change Feb. 15, 1913.” The
crankshaft cover has “U 2” marked on it. “U 1” is marked on the
water jacket.

I need help because the engine is missing the head, valves,
magneto, gas tank, spark plugs, carburetor and everything else to
make it run. I would appreciate any help readers could give me in
the way of getting photos, information, catalogs, parts or whom I
could contact to get any of those. Roland Wissler, 7155 Fletcher
View Drive, Highland, CA 82346-5051; (909) 862-0404;

From the editor: We have informed Roland that his engine is in
fact a 1-3/4 HP “60 Speed” Style U Gilson engine. Please contact
him if you can help him in his search for parts or provide more
information on this particular engine. A great source on
researching Gilson engines was assembled by Denis Rouleau. Check
out his website at:

42/4/3: Gade information

I have a Gade engine, 3-1/2 HP, 350 RPM, serial no. 7357 or it
could be 2357. I can’t really tell.It is a hit-and-miss governing,
has an igniter, 28-inch flywheels, 5-inch bore and 7-inch

Do you have any information on the year it may have been built?
It has a battery box and a Lunkenheimer mixer. Arthur L. Sturgeon,
5520 Drury Road, Otis Orchards, WA 99027; (509) 924-8514;

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