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A half scale Rumley Oil Pull built and owned by Warren Phillips of Visalia, California;
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A 9 HP Alamo owned and restored by Eldon Pierce, director, Branch 3 EDGE & TA.;
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20531 Black Road, Los Gatos, California 95030, for Branch 3,
EDGE & TA. (All photos courtesy of Santa Clara County Fair

Friday, October 26, 1979 dawned bright and clear for the opening
day of the joint Fall Gas-Up of Branches 3 and 13, EDGE & TA at
the Santa Clara County Fair Family Park. By noon the early birds
were coming from all directions with campers, trailers, motorhomes,
trucks and cars. By evening a good number of displays were set up
and running, along with lots of good fellowship and exchanges of
ideas, hints and helpful directions, making for a lot of happy
engine operators.

All day Saturday more people and equipment kept arriving along
with many visitors attracted by the exhibit. Channel 11 technicians
interviewed exhibitors and filmed the engines for showing that

Special credit should be given to all those who prepared and
cooked a huge ‘cannibal’ kettle of beans over an open fire,
made huge bowls of salad with choice of several dressings, brought
loaves of French bread hot from the bakery and provided coffee and
tea for all. The barbecue pits were lined with participants cooking
their own steaks and all sat down to a fine dinner.

All day Sunday, people came and went and new engines arrived to
be appraised with eager eyes. Several unusual engines, some quite
rare ones and the more conventional engines along with operating
equipment made for a great day.

Reluctantly, as the afternoon of the third day wore on, engines
were loaded, goodbyes were said and all headed for home. All felt
we had a great time and plans are being made for an even better
Gas-Up next Fall.

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