Circa 1914 35 HP Superior

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Manufacturer: Superior Gas Engine Co., Springfield, OH
Year: Circa 1914
Horsepower: 35
Serial number: 13
Bore: 12-inch
Stroke: 18-inch

Organized by P.J. Shouvlin in 1893, Superior built commericial and oil field gas and diesel engines in sizes from 10 to 600 HP.

The company has a long history, taking over the Otto Gas Engine Works in 1923, being taken over by the National Supply Co. in 1928, and presently existing as a division of White Consolidated Industries.

“Commercial” style Superior engines shared some components with the simpler oil field style but were distinguished by dual ignition systems, power-actuated intake valves and an overall higher quality finish.

This particular natural gas engine drove a flour mill at the Reedy Milling Co. in Reedy, W.Va. It was removed from the mill in 1967 and brought to Coolspring in 1976.

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