5 HP Empire

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Greg Ackerly bought this 5 HP Empire for his first hit-and-miss gas engine.
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The tag on Greg Ackerly's 5 HP Empire.

My name is Greg Ackerly, and I have been collecting old iron since I was 3 years old.

I have more than 100 letter series Briggs & Stratton engines but ever since I was 7, I’ve wanted a 4 to 8 HP igniter-fired hit-and-miss engine with a decent amount of moving parts. Since I’m only 15, I couldn’t find an engine in my price range that fit my qualifications. I worked all summer and sold some of my duplicate Briggs & Stratton engines at the Dublin, N.H., show last year.

While at that show, the rain cleared everyone out and I noticed a man over in the corner had the block, base, crankshaft, flywheels, piston and rod of a large igniter-fired hit-and-miss engine. It left a lot to be desired, and I had overlooked the engine the day before because of all the missing parts. Still, I thought it might be worth asking about. I zoned out when I saw a bucket of parts that included a head, gas tank, and several odds and ends that all seemed to be glowing in that dark trailer. When I zoned back in, I asked what the parts were for, and he pointed at the block, crank, base, etc., sitting on the ground. So, I bought my first hit-and-miss – a 5 HP Empire, serial no. 50599, that’s fairly complete.

The engine is apart and missing the igniter, rocker arm assembly, magneto (if it had one), oiler, grease cups, crank guard, fuel pump, push rod supports, igniter trip arm, governor, detent, arm crank handle and possibly some other small parts. I was hoping some readers could help me locate parts, pictures and other information on this engine, and also tell me what color it is supposed to be. Keep up the good work and thanks ahead to all of you.

Contact Greg Ackerly at countrypwr4@yahoo.com

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