Dairy Queen Witte

By Staff
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403 Glenmore, Victoria, Texas 77904.

My friend, David Young, in Goliad, Texas, was sitting in the
Dairy Queen (fast food) drinking his morning coffee when this truck
pulled in with some old engines on it with other scrap iron. The
driver came in to get his morning coffee too. Since my friend buys
old iron for salvage he bought the whole load and saved the driver
about forty miles of travel to Victoria’s junk dealer.

After some arm twisting he sold it to me with the understanding
that if I re-sold it, he wanted the first chance

The engine was free but pretty rough. It had been fitted with an
automobile distributor mounted on it with the original gear. I
couldn’t find an original mag so I fitted it with an American
Bosch mag, some new rings, one valve and four new special head
bolts. Then with the removal of several shims from the crankshaft
and connecting rod it was ready to start. When it started to run,
oil came out of the crankshaft openings. I soon found out that the
oil level was too high as the crankcase breathes through these

In all my research I couldn’t find this engine mentioned
anywhere although I found a man in Goldwaithe, Texas who said he
had one like it.

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