Witte Engine and Vincent Sailboat Engine

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I have attached pictures of my inherited Witte and Vincent sailboat engine. The Witte is a 2 hp, serial number B29531. This engine spent its entire life on my grandfather’s farm in Michigan, fortunately under cover. The Witte doesn’t have a push rod, has zero compression and I cannot find any indication the magneto is working. Again, I haven’t really got into an in-depth analysis. I have an oiler for it, but it is also missing grease caps. Also, it doesn’t have a fuel tank. I do not have much experience with this type of engine and would enjoy any and all info that is available. This is my first flywheel restoration.

I restored the Vincent a few years ago, but have been unable to find any information. All Google comes up with is motorcycle information. Other than the name stamped on the air shroud there is no information plate of any kind on the Vincent and there was no indication that it ever had a serial number plate. Again, any available information would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Lundberg, 2910 Malone Drive, Panama City, FL 32405; email: blundberg50@gmail.com

Your Witte is a 2 hp Type B made between 1922-1927. These engines are well-documented, and while parts are getting harder to find we hope an experienced Witte engine enthusiast will come forward to help you get your engine up and running. As for the Vincent, we sent your photo to a prominent motorcycle historian to see if there might be a connection with Vincent Engineers, the manufacturers of the famous Vincent motorcycles, and came up empty. – GEM

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