Copper Tubing as Fuel Line

New copper tubing makes great replacement fuel line

| March/April 1981

Copper tubing makes an attractive and permanent oil or fuel line and connections. Here are a few hints that might be helpful in working with copper tubing.

To begin with, new copperĀ tubing is much easier to work with than old tubing. This is because it is softer. Old tubing becomes hard and difficult to bend without kinking. Old tubing can be softened by heating, so it becomes easier to bend. There are various types of tubing benders on the market, but copper tubing can be neatly bent by hand with patience and time.

Tubing connections are easily damaged, but with care they can be removed and replaced many times. When removing a tubing nut, it is recommended that special tubing wrenches be used. For occasional use, a wide jawed crescent wrench is suitable and preferable to an open end wrench or pair of pliers. If a fitting is to be removed from a casting, it is advisable to replace the nut on an inverted flare fitting before attempting to remove the connection or the internal threads will be damaged. On all old engines and castings, one end of the tubing fitting was always a pipe thread. The various types of fittings all had their special thread pitch. Three of the common types, all for 5/16 tubing and all with 1/8 inch pipe thread connections, are shown in the accompanying illustration. There are tubing thread restorers available for both external and internal threads of the type fitting shown in this illustration. There is, however, only a limited use for the tool. To prevent damaged threads, the tubing nuts should be started by hand, with both ends of the tube loose. After several threads have been fastened, the nut may be tightened securely with a wrench.

For a temporary repair, leaking connections may be corrected by removing the nut and wrapping several strands of string or thread under the flare of a flare type fitting, or over the ferrule of a compression fitting, and then replacing the nut securely.

When making a tubing connection where the fittings must be relatively close and the tubing is short or where the two ends are directly in line, it is recommended to place a loop in the tubing. Note the examples in the illustrations. This method will provide flexibility necessary to make good connections without kinking the tubing and restricting the flow.

Compression Fitting
A three piece fitting consisting of: 1. Female thread nut. 2. Ferrule (sleeve). 3. Straight connector (available in elbow connection).


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