Case Collectors Convention

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Left to right: John W. Davis, Buzz Nealeigh, Helen Case Brigham and Bruce Davit at the J. I. Case Collectors Association meeting.

20070 State Route 119 Maplewood, Ohio 45340

Chairman D. A. ‘Buzz’ Nealeigh opened the First Annual
Winter Convention of the J. I. Case Collectors Association on March
23, 1985, in Sidney, Ohio. Approximately 50 people attended from 6
states, and their comments were in favor of continuing with the
organization. This seemed to be a good turnout for the first time.
Many replies were mailed back that they could not come to this
meeting, but were planning to attend in July and would be
supportive of the association. Several that attended brought
displays. There were tools, toys, homemade models, literature,
pictures, decals, a CC tractor, Old Abe and many other interesting

Mrs. Helen Case Brigham, great granddaughter of J.I. Case gave a
brief history of her Case heritage. She also encouraged us to keep
the new association going.

Comments from the floor were in favor of moving the show to
different parts of the county each year. This would give everyone a
chance to see different equipment and country. (Wives there is a
chance for a vacation here) Also discussed was the possibility of
publishing a new letter and trying to find someone to take on this
task. Possibly the same person could be in charge of coordinating
the association events along with a board of advisors. Dues were
discussed, but no action was taken at this time.

As Case is being featured at the Darke County Steam Threshers
Association Summer Show, to be held July 11, 12,13, and 14 in
Greenville, Ohio, it was decided to hold another meeting then. Time
and date will be announced later. A report was given on the
different Case steam engines, tractors, auto and related equipment
that is already committed to the show. An appeal was made to anyone
that wished to bring any equipment to the show, and that some help
with transportation of the rarer pieces will be available. This is
an ideal place for a show. It has lots of shade, camping space,
lunch stands, flea markets, gas and steam engines, tractors, just
about everything. ‘Old Abe’ can really be put on display
here, so lets get all our Case equipment and bring it to the

Thanks to all of you in our effort to get this organization
started, by your letters, phone calls and those who attended. We
will need all of your support to keep it going.

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