California Gold Expo

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Doak 10 HP owned by Rich Burney
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Standard 2 HP owned by Larry?Snow
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Sterling owned by Dave Kestler
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Doak 40 HP owned by Bob Woolen
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Frisco Standard 2-cylinder owned by Larry?Snow
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Palmer-Rey Hercules 2 HP (owner not present)
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1892 Pacific marine owned by Mike Tyler
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Daniel Best owned by Greg Johnson
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A portion of the show grounds.
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Union hoist 6 HP owned by Greg Wakeman.
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Union hoist 6 HP owned by Greg Wakeman.

The previous two California Gold Expos were
such an amazing success that a third show seemed the right thing to
do. The 2005 show (featured in the September 2005 issue of Gas
Engine Magazine) hosted by Bob Critz of Vista, Calif., drew 44
California-manufactured engines. Many of these engines were owned
by collectors in Southern California. It was suggested that if a
show were held in the northern part of the state, many more seldom
seen engines could be on display.

Larry Snow of Red Bluff, Calif., stepped up and offered to host
the 2006 show. His collection of California engines alone would
constitute a significant portion of the show. Mark Panzone from
Riverside,?Calif., and Bill Baldwin of Rosemead, Calif., agreed to
bring their large collection of Dutch ovens and feed the hungry

The show was held May 19-20, 2006, under the sprawling
California oak trees outside Red Bluff. This site proved a perfect
area to hold an engine exposition with the endless shade trees and
beautiful surroundings. The featured engine was the Doak,
manufactured in Oakland. A total of 10 Doak engines were displayed
ranging from 4 to 40 HP.

With Larry Snow’s collection added to the large number of
attendees, a total of 90 engines were displayed. This more than
doubled the number displayed at the previous year’s show. I counted
at least 27 different manufactures represented. Some engines were
of unknown brand, so the number could have been larger. It was
believed this might have been the largest number of California-made
engines ever displayed at one time.

Nearly all the engines were of a rare breed and would attract
attention at any of the regular engine shows throughout the
country. Having the opportunity to wander about and see so many
unusual engines, many mechanically restored to running condition,
was pure pleasure to all who attended. If you own a California-made
engine, be sure to watch for the next California Gold Expo and make
the effort to attend. You will have a unique experience.

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