Bull Dogs Are His Favorites!

By Staff
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4115 S. 298th Ct. Auburn, Washington 98001

I collect all types of engines, but the Bates &. Edmonds
Motor Company engines are my favorites. I have five hopper cooled
Bull Dogs: two 1 HP, one 2  HP, one 4 HP, one 5 or 6 HP, and I
am looking at a 6 HP. I am also interested in any printed material
on Bates 6k Edmonds.

Last year my brother Jerry and I were real fortunate. Our uncle,
Clarence Johnson, had been an engine collector for 40 years, and
each year when one of us would visit Clarence and help him with
whatever he wanted to take to Rollag, Minnesota, we would ask,
‘What are you going to do with your collection?’ Well, last
year he made us a counter offer on an offer we had made the
previous year. We could not refuse this offer and now, between my
brother and myself, we have a well rounded collection.

Photo -1 is a picture of my brother Jerry and his daughter Katie
on the left, in the center is our Uncle Clarence who is 84, and I,
James, am on the right.

Photo -2 shows engines loaded on our trailers headed for home.
On the left is my trailer, and on it are a 1 HP air cooled Waterloo
Boy, a 5 HP Galloway, and a 6 HP Galloway. On the right is my
brother’s trailer, loaded with a 4 HP Associated, 5 HP
Fairbanks Morse, a 7 HP Fuller and Johnson Type N, and two IHC LAs,
both going to the West. My brother lives in eastern Oregon and I
live in the Pacific Northwest just outside Seattle.

Photo -3 is of the 1 HP air cooled Waterloo Boy which I am real
proud to own. It was restored in 1968 by Clarence.

Just a note: Every year ALL of his engines get started and are
run. Last year it took us three days and we had our own little

Clarence’s favorite engines are his Galloway ‘Handy
Andy,’ 15 HP Fairbanks Morse ‘Y’ semi diesel, 15 HP
Fairbanks Morse ‘N’ and his 35 HP Olds.

Well, I think this is enough for now. Keep up the good work!

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