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An aluminum can crusher built in 1985 by E.F. Harrington. The gears are from a jack pump that was used on a farm to pump water. The frame and other working parts were assembled from scrap. Using a Briggs & Stratton gas engine, the crusher will smash a can
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Restored REO Model 211, type G 1 HP engine owned by Bruce Dougan, 2731 Harmony Dr., Bettendorf, Iowa 52722. The engine, purchased new about 1950 as part of a REO Royale self-propelled reel type mower, has a 2' bore, 1' stroke, and 5.5 cubic inch
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The restoration was started in 1974 but stopped for one thing or
another. When we bought it, it was a basket case but thanks to Don
Hinds of Centerville, South Dakota we got some levers, radiator
panels, and other miscellaneous parts. We have it running still
with the original rings and not too much blow-by. The tractor was
purchased new at Beaver Crossing, Nebraska in about 1919 or 1920.
It will be at the Papio Valley Threshers Show in Omaha on July 30,

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