As Fate Would Have It

By Staff
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It all started a year ago when I went to a show with a friend
who has some stationary engines. At that time I ‘got the
bug.’ Well, about three weeks went by and it was like fate a
sale came out in the local paper. There were about forty stationary
engines for sale. I put a bid on the very last one for sale and was
lucky to get it. It was a 1 HP Fairbanks-Morse. There were several
parts missing ‘Well, what should I do now?’ I said to
myself. The friend who I went to the show with suggested that I
subscribe to GEM, which I did. It was like fate again the very
first issue I received had an ad in the ‘For Sale’ section
listing parts for a F-M 1 HP. I sent a letter to them telling what
I needed and again it was like fate they had what I needed and the
restoration began. In the meantime, I wrote to the F-M Engine
Division and they told me where and what year my engine was

Well, thanks to Harold Hauger of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Gas
Engine Magazine,
and the Berkshire Flywheel Farm, I heard my
engine run for the first time on December 20, 1984. What a day! I
took it to my first show in May of 1985 and it was like fate again
out of all the engines that were there, I got my picture in the
local paper with my engine.

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