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R.D. #1, Box 67, Commodore, Pa. 15729

Although one person can easily carry this engine, it still has
as much power and torque as the old cast iron models. This homemade
engine has 31/2 inch x
31/4 inch bore and stroke. We decided to test
our fabricating skills on this one.

Setting out to build almost everything, we made the 15′
flywheels, crankshaft, head, block, frame, and even the drip oiler.
The pieces we didn’t make though, were the sleeve and piston,
which are out of a Farmall Super C; a Briggs and Stratton flywheel
and coil; and also a set of Kohler points for the ignition.

Wanting to keep the friction at a minimum, we used the ball
bearings on almost every place possible. Pillow blocks were used to
support the crankshaft. Regular ball bearings on the cam shaft, cam
follower, and even one in the rocker arm. Not much drag on this
engine. It took too many hours to count to build and half as many
more to polish it. All in all, though, I don’t think it turned
out half bad.

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