A Murphy From Spain!

By Staff
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1818 Harrison Hutchinson, Kansas 67502

A few years ago, when I acquired this engine, it looked very
neglected. It was very dirty, with no oil filter, gauge or fuel
tank on it. The crank was missing, and the electric starter was

I made a crank and discovered that was for counter-clock-wise
rotation, which is the opposite of most engines, and by the
camshaft instead of the crankshaft. There was a compression release
for hand-cranking.

After I installed new rings, ground valves, and installed new
rod bearing inserts, I spent several minutes cranking it with no
luck in getting it to fire.

I belted a two cylinder J.D. Luc to it. After several minutes it
started to fire and smoked a few minutes. Then it started firing
and it began running along fine!

I can hand crank it without any trouble now. It is a Murphy, MWM
diesel, made in Spain, with these markings: LKS 11 HP, 1981 molded
on crankcase, 987.1. 1 4378, 04002-025, bore 85mm, stroke 90mm,
1800 r.p.m., oil capacity 1.371, air cooled.

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