A Famous and a Hercules

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861 Main Street Holden, Massachusetts, 01520

I have recently finished cleaning-up these two engines. I hope
to show them both in 1996 shows around our area in

The Hercules is a 1 HP N Series, with cone type muffler.
According to GEM on page 30 of the September 1993 issue, my
Hercules is on the endangered list. The article states there are
only 22 currently known. It has a one piece block, 650 rpm, 1 HP, 3
bore, #kbl655, 4′ stroke. It was produced less than two years,
and there were only 5,000 made. My engine is in mint condition,
although it is painted the wrong color. But it looks so good I am
not going to change it.

Also, my vertical 2 HP Famous, air-cooled engine was stripped
down and repainted, one undercoat, and two finish coats of enamel
paint. It looks real good. I think it will draw some attention at
the shows.

I enjoy my GEM every month I read everything. I know some of the
articles have helped me a lot.

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